How to Select Style of Photography for Your Own Wedding

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Your wedding is one of the most watershed events in your life and so it follows that you’d want to everything to fall into place on the D-day, including freezing the moments. Surely, you won’t need a wedding photographer to tell you that there are some established photographic styles standardized for this once-in-a-lifetime event. If you’re instinctively drawn towards a particular mode but find the other ones equally tempting then becoming familiar with the different approaches will help you in choosing one as well as in selecting a professional cameraman who can do the honors.


The advent of digital photography slowly but surely ensured that photographic films became passé. Nevertheless the thrill of capturing snapshots with Kodak film rolls is something the digital mode will never be able to match. Images shot with a photographic film tend to be more lifelike and original but the downsides are that sourcing films are difficult as most of the firms manufacturing these have either stopped production or have closed down. Even processing the rolls and editing the pictures are labor intensive and expensive.


It’s very easy to fall under the temptation of going digital when the whole world is. Majority of wedding couples opt for digital photography nowadays because of some distinct advantages. Firstly, you get to see a preview of the snapshots immediately with the hard copies being delivered within 24-hours. Secondly, the photographer has the leeway and the liberty can make modifications (both before and after clicking) to make the final images picture-perfect. The only downside to this approach is that the image quality is not as organic as those captured via films but that is something subjective or psychological.


The classic style was what your grandparents (and maybe your parents as well) opted for as colored rolls of films were not readily available then and the digital mode was still to be invented. Classic shots mirror reality and make the ordinary appear sublime.


You go artistic when you (and your better-half as well) want to be center of attraction in all the snaps. That may imply blanking out the hoi polloi in the background with only you and your beloved with the Alps or Rockies in the background.



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